プレファブコートB.L Prefab coat B.L 2000

デザイン評論家 柏木博氏のキュレーションによる「E12」は、カナダと日本からデザイナーと思索者、それぞれ3名づつが選ばれ、ペアとなって21世紀のデザインのあり方を問いかけた展覧会としてカナダ、日本両国で開催されました。この時、眞田とチームを組んだのは、哲学者の鷲田清一氏です。2人は、「新たな世紀を生きるためのデザインとして、それぞれの領域のメディア(言葉と衣服)の解体」から思考を重ねた交換書簡を交わし、眞田がプレファブコートという具体的な作品へと制作をしました。<問題すべてを受け入た心を開き?がる>というコンセプトから、「黒=すべての光(色)を吸収する。そして、心を開きつながり、新たな環境を作る。」ことを提唱し、制作しました。

A society consists of a number of individuals who call themselves," I." The many individuals who are members of society are motivated and mobilized by the "heart and mind" encased in our bodies. But it is indeed difficult to open our bodies and expose our real selves. The only alternative, then, is to open our "hearts and minds" and liberate each of our individual selves. When such action is actually taken, many liberated "hearts and minds" will enable us and our surrounding environment to attain a new site.
Consequently, the many ecological issues start from letting go of our own identities. I would be liberated from physical constraints when I am able to reveal my real self. I no longer need to compete and gain advantage over others once I release my biological identity. "I become the environment, and the environment becomes me."

This work is a personalized house (which signifies body) that protects the identity and life of an individual. It can be set on the floor using ropes or poles. By dismantling the coat and opening the front to create a flat surface, a new work can be separately constructed from it. Two individuals who own these prefab coats can meet, join the two pieces together by using the fastener attached to the hems of the coat, and create a coat house (skin/body) for two people. With five, ten, or twenty people, the pieces can be extended and expanded into a dome house (skin/body). This work represents how a diverse group of people from different regions can open their hearts to cover and embrace a new world.

ハーバーフロント・センター(カナダ)、カナダ大使館ギャラリー(東京)、国際デザインギャラリー(名古屋)を巡回/ 「E-12」